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Edtech, health technology, or nonprofit, we've got a way to help you reach more people. 


Tools for Schools

Schools are embracing technology nationwide, and not a moment too soon. From text-based student support to SIS integrations, we've built tools for students to learn and teachers to be more effective. Our goal is to save your users time to they can spend it doing what's really important - reaching kids, enriching minds.


Care, Primarily

Between EMRs and the exponentially pace of discoveries in data science, patient care and hospital management are just starting to get the attention they deserve in this country. From data integration and scheduling to early detection of disease and enhanced patient adherence, our job is to make you as effective as possible.


Hi-Tech Nonprofits

People with their feet on the ground need tools to make their jobs flow more smoothly. Whether it's building geotracking for hurricane relief, creating chatbots to access government services, or gathering data to measure voter engagement, we want to empower you to make our society better.


We'll take care of it.

MVPs, new features, and 3rd-party integrations.

In Rails, Javascript, and on mobile. Ask us about APIs, automated deployment, and test coverage.



Minimum Viable Products built from scratch in Ruby and Javascript. Need a single-page app? We got you covered. A long-form landing page in Wordpress? We can help with that too. We'll build your app to spec and include automated deployment on Heroku or AWS, with documentation to make it easy for the next dev to take off running.


New Features

Got an extra chunk of work, but your existing team is tied up with a feature push? We can take care of that. Your last developer left and you need some new features turned around yesterday? You came to the right place. We'll scope, manage, and, if needed, design your new features. We know things change constantly, so we'll be in constant communication via Slack while we do it.


3rd-Party Integrations and APIs

CMS, LTIs, or data integrations delaying your deployment schedule? We've got you. From school districts to hospitals to food banks, we know the systems you have to work with don't always work the way they should. We'll work with you to understand the problem and build you a custom solution so that new data can flow smoothly from your client's database to yours.

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Meet our Team.

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With a combined 18 years of experience developing apps, we've worked in small startups and large companies, from cloud platforms to social networks.


Frank Kotsianas,
Founder & CTO

Frank received his Master's in Education at Harvard University before becoming an engineer at Pivotal Labs. After Pivotal Labs, Frank became a Founding Engineer at Zeal Learning, a VC-backed edtech startup in San Francisco. He earned his B.A. in Cognitive Science from the University of California, Berkeley, and enjoys cycling, music, and long walks on the beach.


Roy Pfaffman,

Roy has a passion for clean user interfaces and software that is easy to use. He has been developing software since 2012, with an emphasis on Rails, Javascript, and the tvOS, iOS, and Android platforms. He received a dual degree in Cognitive Science and Rhetoric from the University of California, Berkeley, and enjoys philosophizing, playing piano, and film.


Kam Leung,

Kam is a fan of automation and the way technology is rapidly changing our world. He has worked on mobile applications, image processing, and cloud infrastructure at Amazon, Pivotal, and other Bay Area companies since 2011. He enjoys dabbling in artificial intelligence, watching movies, and is on a quest for the best dim sum in San Francisco.

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